Friday, December 4, 2009

Why Pakistani leaders opt to speak in English....

Recently I watched Pakistani Prime Minister (Yousaf Raza Gillani) speaking alongside British counterpart (Gordon Brown) at a press conference at 10 Downing Street, London UK. Gilani had apparently no control over choice of words, no style, not a single effective sentence, and more over he stood and presented himself like a subservient person to British PM.

Gillani changes multiple three piece suits with matching ties and shoes resembling to be a model on a cotest plateform. He fails to understand that his countrymen are dying at the hands of terrorists, hunger and are facing corruption in every field of government intervention.

Leaders in Pakistan are of elite classes but get elected through their selected power bases in villages and towns and through use of money that these corrupt politicians have accumulated through corruption.

If one looks at the style of our leaders and their cavalcades, no one will image and belive that they represent one of the poorest nation on earth. Even the opposition leader Nawaz Sharif lives and postures like an emperor. Question arises, where does all this money came from?

Answer is very clear...i.e. through corruption and plunder. It is high time for the educated middle class people of the country to come forward and educate the massesof these corrupt mafias of leaders and bring new honest and dynamic leadership from amongst the common people of Pakistan.

Last advise to PM Gillani, That he should use an interpretor and he must speak in Urdu. Prime Ministers of many countries speak in their own languages and use interpretors while addressing international audiances. He should feelpride in speaking his national language. secondly he should start wearing national dresse rather than three piece English suits.

Come on Mr. Prime Minister... behave like a mature sensible PM of this nation of 132 millions.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Will Zardari leave his fort???

Asif Ali zardari as popularly known as Mr. ten percent before becoming President of Pakistan, has proved that he still is venturing into lucrative business deals like acquiring prized 2500 acres of land in Islamabad. This is a latest exposed example of conflict of interest involving his person as President of the country.

Moreover, a French newspaper has reported that Asif Ali Zardari has received kickbacks from a French company in lieu of French submarines acquired for Pakistan Navy. This he received through a middle man from Lebanon and sums were enormously huge.

Zardari and his very close colleagues are accused of lobbying for inserting derogatory articles in recently passed US legislation (Kerry Lugar Bill) and these conditions are all aimed against Pakistan Army and controlling army through US influence. Thanks God that effort back fired on Zardari and company and masses in Pakistan protested in every city of the country.

How can we forget infamous National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). Zardari has numerous criminal charges against him in courts which were all withdrawn as a deal with then dictator General Musharaf. (Mind you, Zaradari's Pakistan Peoples Party calims to be a democratic one...). Fate of Zardari seems to be decided in Supreme Court of Pakistan very soon.

Academically Zardari is a Matriculate. The condition of becoming a member of Parliament was atleast graduation but rules were changed just to accomodate a guy like Zardari on the behest of US pressures and interference. But question arises why USA favours people like Zardari who have a blemished character. Answer is very simple... USA wants dummies and who would not love to have a dummy like Zardari at highest post in Pakistan.

President Nixon in USA had to leave office in USA as he was covering up a scandal named as "water-gate". He had no criminal charges against his person. Why can't Zardari follow his ideal nation USA and its leaders.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

National Reconciliation Ordinance

National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) was promulgated in Pakistan by then President General Pervez Musharaf as a result of back door political bargaining with Behnazir Bhutto and MQM leaders in Pakistan. These dealings were sponsored by US and British Governments. These foreign governments made this law made by Mushraf so that he could stay as President of Pakistan besides Behnazir Bhutto and MQM as his partners in government.

What is NRO? It is an ordinance that quashes all criminal and civil cases against many political leaders of Pakistan including Behnazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari (incumbent President of Pakistan), Rehman Malik (incumbent Interior Minister) and MQM leader Altaf Hussein. These are major beneficiary of this NRO. These crimes have been washed away with a stroke of pen of a dictator. Ok Musharaf was a dictator but why did US and UK Governments helped in notification of such a shame law.

This law is against Human Rights and fair trail concept on equal footing for all citizens. Here through NRO richest criminal have been given clean slate through connivance of so-called mother of democracy (UK) and USA.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Will Zardari change his submissive style .....!!!

Zardari has let his whole nation down by personally welcoming low level official of USA and standing like a personal courtier infront of Richard Halbrook.

This is height of incompetence on part of President Zardari. Another thing that has gone to alarming heights that Zardari is always on foreign tours. This is solely a job for a Prime Minister who is this case is a lame duck in the shape of Gilani of Multan.

People in streets wonder as to why Zardari is always going to Dubai????

No one knows exactly, however, some still believe that he has businessinterests in Dubai so he always makes sure to divert his plane to this modern sheikhdom.

Pakistan becomes Champion - Twenty Twenty World Cup

Today Pakistan made history in the world of sports by securing world championship title of Cricket in Twenty Twenty World Cup. This final match was played in famous Lords Stadium in England. Pakistan won by eight wickets. All players gave their best performances.

Star of the game were again Pathans from NWFP like Shahid Khan Afridi and Younis Khan. In 1992, when Pakistan won World Cup, it was then a pathan too. His name is Imran Khan who has turned into a refomed muslim, politician and a social worker.

Pathans played well beside other players who have also done well. Congratulations to all Pakistanis and to whole Pakistani Cricket team and team management.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Need to Change Electoral System in Pakistan

The current system electing members of National and Provincial assemblies on the basis of simple majority has failed in Pakistan. To illustrate this theory, I will give an example as below:

In a constituency, there are four candidates and total votes casted in the area are 100,000. A gets 25000, B gets 26000, C gets 27000 and D gets 22000 votes. As per current system C will be elected to the assembly with only 27% of votes in his favour, while 73% votes have been against him. Now it translates into a representation of only 27% of the coters while voices of 73% will not be heard.

Therefore, a change to adopt a system where voices of all political voices are heard. The best system would be that of proportionate representation where votes are casted to the parties and on the basis of votes cated in favour of each party, seats in assemblies are allocated to them. Beauty of this system is that no segmnent of society is left unheard. Each citizen feels part of the system and country represents the full shine of democracy. Examples of this system are in Finland, Denmark and Germany and they are extremely successful

Pakistan needs a change as current system bring the same feudals, oppressors, and people with wealth and power. Also, the existing system is causing a hereditary succession of certain seats in the country.

Nizam e Adl Regulation in Malakand Division and Kohistan Hazara NWFP, Pakistan

National Assembly of Pakistan adopted a bill whereby courts have been regualrized as per the overwhelming demand of the people of Malakand Division and Kohistan Hazara of NWFP. People have been demanding for easily accessible justice system in these areas. There have been a long struggle in these areas under the leadership of Maulana Sufi Muhammad who hails from Maidan Area of District Dir. He gathered his followers under the banner of Tehrik e Nifaz e Shariat e Muhammadi (TNSM). He started his campaign in 1994 and got momentum through all these years.

People are fed up with the slow and expensive judicial mechanism of the country therefore people gathered on a single agenda. i.e. enactment of Islamic judicial system. Constitution of Pakistan also warrants that all laws of the country be under the guidance of Shariat e Muhammadi. However, it is a sad situation that successive rulers of Pakistan have succumbed to the pressures of western countries and have been ignoring this committment of promulgating Islamic laws in the country.

Under the new act of parliament, qazis (judges) in Malakand will be appointed who are bound to decide the cases with in specified time limit. There will be no dragging of cases for years.

Ironically, the so called democrates of Pakistan like Altaf Hussein of MQM are crying and shouting against this new system enacted by the parliament. Altaf Hussein is a criminal who has introduced target killings in Karachi and has now fled to United Kingdom where he has become a UK citizen too. He is still receiving extortion money from Karachites on daily basis and has become a symbol of deceit and duality and ignorance.

Some NGOs and sitting in Islamabad,Lahore and Karachi are speaking against this Shariat Bill. They speak against it to prove themselves as loyal and followers of western values. They are clear losers in this wind of change as they seem to live in glass palaces.

People in Malakand Division of NWFP are extremely happy on the success of their just struggle. The success of this nizam e adl is largely dependant on the sincerity of all stakeholders i.e. Government of Pakistan, Government of NWFP, TNSM and Taleban of the area.